Vet-Advisory program brings new veterinarians with successful senior ones working in different veterinary areas, sharing experiences, fighting for success. This program starts in September 2021.

To be an adviser (at least none of the criteria below needs to be met):
-Holding a PhD degree
-Working as a veterinarian for at least 7 years at the same sector
-Founding a private clinic/firm and operating at least 5 years
* Fluent foreign language to be an adviser in foreign language
*To be an international adviser, needs to work a veterinarian or scientific stuff in another country at least for 3 months or gets at least a 6-month international bachelor/graduate education

To be an advisee:
-Either student or graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
-Age of between 18-33

I would like to be an adviser.
I would like to be an advisee.

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